James Bowes

James Bowes is an OPCA adherent in Queensland, a truck driver, who has a Facebook page 1 and a YouTube channel "barefootbowie" 2. He was quite involved years ago with following cannon law and other aspects initially raised by Frank O'Collins, 3 with the atypical strawman and common law motifs that identify the ideology, as … Continue reading James Bowes

United Kingdom of Australia

The Kingdom of Australia is an OPCA cult headed by Steven Spiers, and founded on the flawed concepts he expressed in his papers  “Realm and Commonwealth” and “Realm and Man”. The basic storyline is that Australia achieved sovereignty following WWI, by virtue of the sacrifice made by the ANZAC's, it had forged a realm, a … Continue reading United Kingdom of Australia

Peter Scott Haughton

Peter Scott Haughton ran a series of cases in 2019-2020, here are a few of those that are published. (1) Haughton v Roder [2019] SASC 199  (2) Haughton v Chapman [2019] SASC 200  (3) Haughton v Australia And New Zealand Banking Group Ltd [2019] SASC 198 (4) Haughton v Australia and New Zealand Banking Group … Continue reading Peter Scott Haughton

Act of Settlement 1700

A Protestant Monarchy The Act of Settlement 1700 1 was passed to settle the succession to the English and Irish crowns to Protestants only... "...all and every person and persons who shall or may take or inherit the said crown."  The next Protestant in line to the throne was the Electress Sophia of Hanover, a granddaughter … Continue reading Act of Settlement 1700

Sorrel & Cutten [2018] FamCA 291

Sorrel & Cutten [2018] FamCA 291 was a Family Court case that highlights the way the use of OPCA terminology mimics mental illness and the issue of unacceptable risk, with a self-represented mother being "physically present but not agreeing to that fact", refusing to identify herself as Ms Cutten but persistently requesting that she be … Continue reading Sorrel & Cutten [2018] FamCA 291

St. Edward’s Crown

There are some absurd speculations being circulated around the internet about St. Edward's Crown being a foreign realm to the Imperial Crown, a contention Steven Spiers tries to establish in his paper "Realm and Commonwealth" and due to this false conclusion he asserts that there exists no line of authority to the Crown in Australia, … Continue reading St. Edward’s Crown

Steven Spiers 

Steven Spiers is an OPCA litigant now residing in North Queensland, after living in both New South Wales and Victoria, but is originally from the Northern Territory. His current Facebook profile Steven Spiers 1 has been discontinued due to a  ban, however his YouTube account is still active, but all videos have been removed. 2 He has … Continue reading Steven Spiers 

Santos Bonacci

Santos Bonacci, a self-styled “Astro-theologist” from Berwick Victoria, runs a Facebook page titled 'Universal Truth School' spruiking what he calls 'Syncretism' - "bringing together all the fields of knowledge and wisdom and showing the interrelatedness of all things". A very talented classical guitarist, he was once a fixture on the Melbourne busking scene, and with … Continue reading Santos Bonacci

Early OPCA Influence in Australia

Upmart (Malcolm McClure)  Ucadia  (Frank O’Collins) Love For Life (Arthur & Fiona Cristian) Peter Andrew Nolan Throughout the 2000s, OPCA concepts became increasingly cross-contaminated. Foreign concepts and legislation, such as A4V and the Uniform Commercial Code became common features in OPCA legal proceedings in the Commonwealth, sometimes alone and sometimes in combination with domestic concepts. … Continue reading Early OPCA Influence in Australia

The Pope owns your soul – Unam sanctam

Many of the more religious OPCA adherents claim that centuries ago, the Papacy placed a claim of right over every soul on earth that has never been rebutted, so in order to free oneself, one must send notices to the Vatican refuting the claim. This theory is based in the Papal bull Unam sanctam, and ignorance … Continue reading The Pope owns your soul – Unam sanctam

The Romley Stewart Deception, by Justinian

The Justinian Deception by Romley Stewart Stover is a captivating work of fiction. I say fiction because that is all it is, a conspiratorial bedtime story about a world ruled by Rome through the secret use of grammar. There are no references cited that establish his story line as fact, only a couple of cherry-picked … Continue reading The Romley Stewart Deception, by Justinian