Romley Stewart Stover

Romley Stewart Stover is the author of “The Justinian Deception1 he also runs the Justinian Deception website.

He doesn’t recognise his surname as his own, so you rarely see it online. But just to make sure, on Facebook he goes by the handle Justinian Woodlands 2 or sometimes Codney Woodlands.

He uses these false names because his work is top secret and government forces are trying to intimidate him into silence over their use of grammar to enslave the population. Romley Stewart Stover’s daughter Madelaine Stover 3 also follows her fathers theories and is active online.

There is also a Justinian Deception Discussion group 4 on Facebook and various pages.


Alleged Qld police stalker gets bailed

A man says he was engaging in “tit for tat” when he allegedly posted pictures of Queensland police officers on Facebook and asked for help finding their addresses. Romley Stewart Stover is facing four counts of stalking and two counts of unlawfully possessing a weapon, after guns, computers and recording devices were found at his Cairns home. 

The Cairns Magistrate Court on Friday heard there were concerns Facebook posts including names and badge numbers of the officers could incite vilification or violence towards the police. But the 59-year-old man, who repeatedly said he should be referred to as Romley Stewart only, told the court police had stolen his cars and harassed his family. “I’ve never claimed to be a sovereign citizen or a freedom fighter,” he said referring to media reports linking him to an anti-government ideology.

“My family’s been under great duress by the Queensland police and every time that happens I put up the (Facebook) posts.” 

On his Facebook page, Stover refers to police as “goons” and says they are no better than “Nazi criminals”. He told the court the guns found at his house, including an alleged semi-automatic, should not be considered weapons because they hadn’t been fired in “30 to 40” years. “They’re weapons, let’s not play games” Magistrate Kerry Magee said. 

The prosecution alleges Stover does not acknowledge Queensland law or the authority of police and hid under his house when officers came to his house. They argued he was an unacceptable risk of not appearing if given bail. Magistrate Magee said she was “very concerned” by the posts but granted him bail on the condition that he delete his Facebook page, not use social media and avoid contact with the officers involved. He must also reside at his Aeroglen address and not publish any pictures or comments about serving police officers. The matter is due to be mentioned again on January 13. 5

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My rebuttal to his “Justinian Deception” can be found here:  

The Romley Stewart Deception by Justinian

In response to my well referenced and factual critique of his theories, Romley Stewart Stover (in his persona as Justinian Woodlands) posted the following reply and picture: 6

“WARNING: This man seems to have many names, I have heard some stories about him losing some court case but I don’t know the full story or who he really is. I have nothing to do with him, he also confuses people into thinking that he is me, it is not me, its disturbing. He refuses to answer questions relating to the two birthing certificates, he was not even aware of the “other” CERTIFICATE OF BIRTH, of the Christian office. Be warned, I have nothing to do with this person. He may be a plant. He is not the first threat I have received.”


Due to his non-response and senseless meme, I responded in identical form:

“WARNING: This man seems to have two names, I have heard some stories about him losing some court case although the magistrate did feel sympathetic towards his mental health condition. I have nothing to do with him, he also confuses people into thinking that they can use their middle name as a surname to avoid liability, which is very disturbing. He refuses to answer constructive criticism of his conclusions, despite it containing verifiable evidence. Be warned, I have nothing to do with this non-person. He may be a garden-variety pot plant. He is not the first threat to peoples general sanity I have received.”

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It appears Romley Stover is following in Wayne Glew‘s footsteps…

In February 2019, Cairns Regional Council gave him a Notice of Intention to Sell his property at 30 Magee Street Aeroglen due to rates arrears exceeding three years.

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The notice was subsequently published in the Government Gazette and various prominent newspapers.

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