Grey v Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd [1993] FCA 54

In Grey v Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd [1993] FCA 54 the plaintiffs claimed that the loan was created by “book-entry credit” and is therefore false, misleading, and should not be enforced, and insisted if the bank was "entitled to create cost-free book-entry credit and that book-entry credit so created is valid in law … Continue reading Grey v Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd [1993] FCA 54

Patrick Cusack

Patrick Cusack ran a variety of arguments based in the validity of the currency and also reliance on imperial enactments. In Cusack, Patrick Leo v Australian Electoral Commissioner [1984] FCA 400 1 the applicant sought review of decision not to accept the applicant's nomination for the House of Representatives Election unless it was accompanied by deposit … Continue reading Patrick Cusack

Basham v City of Joondalup [2015] WASC 345

The appellant was convicted of a minor parking fine which he contested, and was fined $60 and ordered to pay costs of $1,478.70. The appellant sought leave to appeal from the conviction, and the costs order on the grounds it was manifestly excessive, in Basham v City of Joondalup [2015] WASC 345. The appellant claimed … Continue reading Basham v City of Joondalup [2015] WASC 345

Waddington v State of Victoria [2018] VSC 746

In Waddington v State of Victoria [2018] VSC 746 the plaintiff sought relief against the State of Victoria, the Sheriff for the State of Victoria, Kirk Branton (Sheriff’s Officer) and Victoria Police, regarding 605 infringement warrants totalling $146,824.27, for driving an unregistered vehicle in a toll zone. The fines were not paid and enforcement orders … Continue reading Waddington v State of Victoria [2018] VSC 746

Living Word Outreach Inc v Deputy Sheriff of Victoria [2014] VSC 454

In Living Word Outreach Inc v Deputy Sheriff of Victoria [2014] VSC 454 the appellant accumulated 47 infringement notices, and failed to pay them or elect to have the matters heard in the court, which resulted in an infringement warrant, and their vehicle was seized. The appellant sought a stay of the infringement warrants;  a … Continue reading Living Word Outreach Inc v Deputy Sheriff of Victoria [2014] VSC 454

James Bowes

James Bowes is an OPCA adherent in Queensland, a truck driver, who has a Facebook page 1 and a YouTube channel "barefootbowie" 2. He was quite involved years ago with following cannon law and other aspects initially raised by Frank O'Collins, 3 with the atypical strawman and common law motifs that identify the ideology, as … Continue reading James Bowes

Peter Scott Haughton

Peter Scott Haughton ran a series of cases in 2019-2020, here are a few of those that are published. (1) Haughton v Roder [2019] SASC 199  (2) Haughton v Chapman [2019] SASC 200  (3) Haughton v Australia And New Zealand Banking Group Ltd [2019] SASC 198 (4) Haughton v Australia and New Zealand Banking Group … Continue reading Peter Scott Haughton

Independent Sovereign State of Australia

Cameron v Beattie [2001] QCA 392 "For reasons that will become apparent I shall refer to the appellant by his full name Donald Gordon Cameron.  He brought an action in the Supreme Court for declaratory relief, including a declaration that the latest State election was invalid.  His statement of claim was summarily dismissed by Justice … Continue reading Independent Sovereign State of Australia

Sill v City of Wodonga [2017] VSC 671

Sill v City of Wodonga [2017] VSC 671 This is a case about a disputed $22.50 dog licence fee.  To use the words of the applicant in his written case: "This case started with a notice from my Local Government Office in Wodonga, the notice said I had to pay for a $22.50 annual dog … Continue reading Sill v City of Wodonga [2017] VSC 671

Canaway v Chief Executive, Department of Natural Resources and Water [2009] QLC 0120   

In Canaway v Chief Executive, Department of Natural Resources and Water [2009] QLC 0120 the appellant submitted that the Constitution is invalid and the Queen is not Head of State, citing Fitzgibbon v HM Attorney General [2005] EWHC 114 (Ch) that the Letters Patent issued under the Great Seal of Australia in appointing a Governor General … Continue reading Canaway v Chief Executive, Department of Natural Resources and Water [2009] QLC 0120   

Best v Police [2015] SASC 190

Best v Police [2015] SASC 190 The appellant contended that the trial should not have proceeded ex-parte, that the Magistrates Court is not a court of competent jurisdiction; the device used to measure his speed did not meet the National Measurement Act 1960 (Cth) and the certificates of accuracy were invalid and the method of testing it by the … Continue reading Best v Police [2015] SASC 190

Mike Holt (CIR NOW)

Mike Holt runs the CIR NOW website, (citizens initiated referendum now) and several other blogs and accounts, such as The Bloody Aussie Battler YouTube channel. The CIR NOW website is full of OPCA related content and pseudo legal myths, constitutional misconceptions spread by various vexatious litigants and more... Here are a few examples of the … Continue reading Mike Holt (CIR NOW)

Essenberg v The Queen [2000] HCATrans 297

Essenberg v The Queen [2000] HCATrans 297: "McHUGH J: I understand that and persons who have not had full legal training often think of Magna Carta and the Bill of Rights as fundamental documents which control governments, but they do not. After all, Magna Carta was the result of an agreement between the barons and … Continue reading Essenberg v The Queen [2000] HCATrans 297

Carnes v Essenberg [1999] QCA 339

Carnes v Essenberg [1999] QCA 339: "The supremacy of Parliament to make laws contrary to what had been the Common Law is expressly recognised by the Courts. It is enough to refer to the decision of the High Court in Kable v. The Director of Public Prosecutions, 189, Commonwealth Law Reports 51 at pages 73 … Continue reading Carnes v Essenberg [1999] QCA 339

Hubner v Erbacher [2004] QDC 345

In Hubner v Erbacher [2004] QDC 345 the appellant had homemade number plates attached to his vehicle as if it were a number plate issued pursuant to the regulation. He directed his arguments towards demonstrating that either the relevant regulation was not a valid law or that other legal rights, which he claimed to have, prevailed … Continue reading Hubner v Erbacher [2004] QDC 345

Van den Hoorn v Ellis [2010] QDC 451

In Van den Hoorn v Ellis [2010] QDC 451 the appellant contended he was the “owner of the created fictions known as JOHAN HENDRICK VAN DEN HOORN and JOHN HENRY VAN DEN HOORN, being created fictions fraudulently owned and controlled by legal fictions” which included “australia inc” and “queensland inc”, as well as “queensland transport inc” … Continue reading Van den Hoorn v Ellis [2010] QDC 451

Wayne Glew

Wayne Kenneth Glew 1 has an extensive OPCA and constitutional litigation history.  In fact, the decisions made in Wayne's cases are relied upon, whenever similar contentions are brought before courts today, and in many cases they have become precedent in the particular point of law. Here is a brief summary of cases past:  Glew & … Continue reading Wayne Glew

John Wilson

73-year-old John Wilson 1 does not look like your stereotypical terrorist. Hunched and with the remains of his white hair flying from the sides of his head, the former dentist is a regular fixture outside NSW courts. Spouting his hyperbole about being a Sovereign Citizen, he appears to be a harmless eccentric. But to NSW … Continue reading John Wilson

Magna Carta and Bill of Rights

The Magna Carta  OPCA theorists in Australia insist that Article 61 of the Magna Carta grants them the right to "lawful rebellion" if the charter is breached. If they are seeking some sort of judicial permission to rebel, unfortunately the law does not recognise this point. Historic record shows that Clause 61 of the 1215 … Continue reading Magna Carta and Bill of Rights