Sam Jones


Sam Jones 1 operates the Corporate Australia 2 website.


There are countless articles on this website relating to the “strawman” and “common law” myths, with an added twist of the “corporate government” myth to incite an emotional response from the reader, to “fire them up” about how truly terrible it is that we are living under occupation by a corporation… that doesn’t actually exist. The general vibe throughout the website could well be interpreted as OPCA orientated.

This website is another great example of a group intentionally misinforming those naïve and desperate enough to accept it, exactly how to be arrested and charged with often serious offences, and after being found in contempt of court, breaching their bail obligations and more, they are inevitably convicted of the offences, often with maximum penalties due to their belligerence, all while wasting the chance of any legitimate defence  in their favour. Basically, the website is indoctrinating people with OPCA fallacies on how to commit legal suicide.

After you read the information contained in the articles The Drivers Licence is Unlawful 3 and Are Drivers Licences Required Under Common Law you can feel quite justified in driving around unlicenced, unregistered, without seatbelts and tanked on rum. In fact, you really wouldn’t have it any other way. The government are illegitimate, so all of their legislation is likewise invalid. You can do what ever you want, it’s a “lawless country”.

When the Police signal you to stop on your lawful path, there is no obligation to stop because it was ruled so in the Supreme Court of Victoria. After you finally do get intercepted, or eventually pull over, after a period of debating the legitimacy of the laws, and his job, you are issued with a field notice to attend court, or possibly “unlawfully” arrested.

Don’t worry, because any bail agreements, good behavior bonds and anything else can be dismissed “lawfully” with the flick of your pen. Read How To Sign Your Name Without Assuming Liability 5…sign VC after your signature and Bob’s your uncle.

You won’t go to Court, but if you do you are quite entitled to Record in Court 6 it is your proceeding, you are party to the conversation so it’s actually your right.

You won’t be there long, because thanks to this website, you’re familiar with “How To Dismiss Any Court Case Without A Lawyer 7

“Information obtained by corpau from legal circles suggests that Australia is a ‘lawless’ country, where ‘Acts’ are guidelines, where ‘fines’ or ‘offences’ are only accepted by the recipient from a ‘contractual’ perspective and therefore any consequences arisen are based on this acceptance of terms and conditions disclosed in the ‘contract’ or agreement. Before an appearance to any court you can write a letter questioning the authority to show a lawfully binding contract that exists between the magistrate or judge over you. A response if any may be greeted with hostility and scare tactics in order for you to succumb to their authority over you. What the legal system wants you to believe is that they have an authority over you, and employ various bullying tactics to make you enter a binding agreement with the business commonly known as the court. Once the fear is overcome, they realise they have no control over you and the matter is dismissed. Upon a third calling of your name you may grab the attention of the magistrate, that you are making a special appearance as the administrator of the ‘estate’ of “your name in capitals”, e.g JOHN CITIZEN. You then ask the magistrate for their ‘Writ of Commission’ or to show a lawful ‘Binding Agreement’ they have with the estate. Knowing that they will not be able to produce such a document, the magistrate may result to bullying and scare tactics, which could include the words “arrest” or “warrant”, in order to force you to be submissive, remembering that there is a police ‘force’, and not keepers of the ‘peace’ as contracted to the Queen of England. You stand your ground and keep asking for the relevant documentation. Since no documentation can be provided, you make the announcement that this is true and correct, and claim that you are the highest authority in the court. You then declare that you are the highest authority of the court, and you are dismissing the matter. The court clerk and police prosecutor will rise to attention and the court clerk will declare  the matter dismissed. This entire procedure will take no more than  a few minutes. The Australian legal system is farcical, and factually based   on contractual obligation and not ‘law’ as commonly perceived by the masses, irrespective of the Constitution of Australia (or its validity) or Common Law.”