Burns v The State of Western Australia [2017] WASC 173

In Burns v The State of Western Australia [2017] WASC 173 the appellant complained about the jurisdiction of the courts to deal with his property. He contends that Landgate is a subsidiary of the corporation State of Western Australia, which is a subsidiary of the Commonwealth of Australia, which is a trading company registered on the US SEC, all fictitious legal entities with no authority over living men and women, and their Acts and statutes are rules of government that only apply to government employees. He claims there exists no contract with these corporations, so the interference with his property is contrary to the Commonwealth Constitution and the common law, and demands a trial by jury.  The court held that:

 “The propositions are devoid of legal merit. These types of arguments challenging the operation of state legislation and the powers of this court have been raised and rejected in other matters. I refer to the Court of Appeal decision in Palmer v City of Gosnells [2014] WASCA 102, McLure P collates the many cases in which such issues have been raised and rejected by the court. They are untenable.”

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