Kuipers-Lloyd v Police [2013] SASC 137

In Kuipers-Lloyd v Police [2013] SASC 137 the defendant was convicted of a speeding offence via a speed camera and appealed against the conviction.  The defendant’s notice of appeal advanced several contentions, including compliance with the National Measurements Act 1960 (Cth).  "The defendant first contended that the Magistrate erred in failing to recognise the proceeding as … Continue reading Kuipers-Lloyd v Police [2013] SASC 137

Koula Rafailidis

Koula Rafailidis 1 is an OPCA adherent from New South Wales, and a long time admin of the Get out of paying fines, rego, fees, tolls and rates 2 and several other Facebook groups. In Camden Council v Rafailidis [2012] NSWLEC 51 3 the respondents were found in breach of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act … Continue reading Koula Rafailidis

Firstmac Fiduciary Services Pty Limited v Gilmour [2013] NSWSC 255

Firstmac Fiduciary Services Pty Ltd was granted a writ of restitution in Firstmac Fiduciary Services Pty Limited v Gilmour [2013] NSWSC 255 to recover possession of property from the defendant, after he defaulted on a loan. He refused to give vacant possession of the property, and the sheriff was called to evict him, change the … Continue reading Firstmac Fiduciary Services Pty Limited v Gilmour [2013] NSWSC 255

Tadeusz Krysiak

Tadeusz Krysiak was charged with exceeding the speed limit. At the mention and trial he sought to challenge the jurisdiction of the Magistrates Court but was unsuccessful, and sought leave to appeal the conviction in Krysiak v Hodgson, [2009] WASC 16 1 but did not appear. The court found the grounds on the submissions were … Continue reading Tadeusz Krysiak

Christie v Commissioner of Police [2014] QDC 70

The applicant was convicted of a driving offence ex parte as he did not appear, because he had sent correspondence which was not responded to, and therefore he believed a private agreement had been achieved. He contended in this correspondence that he was not bound by statutory laws as he is not a citizen of … Continue reading Christie v Commissioner of Police [2014] QDC 70

Daniels v Deputy Commissioner of Taxation [2007] SASC 114

Daniels v Deputy Commissioner of Taxation [2007] SASC 114 These proceedings arose due to the respondent’s unfaltering stance that contributing monies to purposes associated with abortion indirectly through taxation, is contrary to his beliefs and faith as a Christian. The respondent contacted the ATO for the purpose of suggesting his taxation liability be reduced by … Continue reading Daniels v Deputy Commissioner of Taxation [2007] SASC 114

Rossiter v Adelaide City Council [2020] SASC 61

ABC NEWS: Driver who declared independence from society loses legal battle over unpaid parking fine Rossiter v Adelaide City Council [2020] SASC 61 "Various terms have been used to describe “pseudolegal arguments”.such as those advocated by the appellant in this case. (Adelaide City Council v Lepse [2016] SASC 66, [57] (Peek J). They have without … Continue reading Rossiter v Adelaide City Council [2020] SASC 61

Mike Holt (CIR NOW)

Mike Holt runs the CIR NOW website, (citizens initiated referendum now) and several other blogs and accounts, such as The Bloody Aussie Battler YouTube channel. The CIR NOW website is full of OPCA related content and pseudo legal myths, constitutional misconceptions spread by various vexatious litigants and more... Here are a few examples of the … Continue reading Mike Holt (CIR NOW)

Burns v The State of Western Australia [2017] WASC 173

In Burns v The State of Western Australia [2017] WASC 173 the appellant complained about the jurisdiction of the courts to deal with his property. He contends that Landgate is a subsidiary of the corporation State of Western Australia, which is a subsidiary of the Commonwealth of Australia, which is a trading company registered on the … Continue reading Burns v The State of Western Australia [2017] WASC 173

The Fraudulent Foisted Contract

According to OPCA theory, a notarized document, sworn affidavit, notice of understanding intent and claim of right or other paperwork that is served by the offeror, becomes a valid contract or agreement of the parties after the expiry of an allotted time period. It is claimed that the terms are accepted by acquiescence, due to […]

The Driving v Travelling conundrum

The term "Driving" is understood as a "Commercial activity" to OPCA theorists - Instead of admitting to "Driving" (as described in the statute) they prefer to practice the "Common law right" to "Travel" in their "Private Automobiles" on "The Kings Highway". There is a great conundrum here, they cannot have a valid licence or registration, … Continue reading The Driving v Travelling conundrum

Registration: Ownership and Title

OPCA theory teaches that registering a vehicle with the state voids private ownership, transfers this to the state via the registration process, and therefore binds the operator to traffic regulation. It is theorised that one can "travel" with a vehicle as private property, but cannot do this with state property after registration. It is claimed … Continue reading Registration: Ownership and Title

Sam Jones

Sam Jones 1 operates the Corporate Australia 2 website. There are countless articles on this website relating to the "strawman" and "common law" myths, with an added twist of the "corporate government" myth to incite an emotional response from the reader, to "fire them up" about how truly terrible it is that we are living under … Continue reading Sam Jones

Signing “Vi Coactus”

Although relied upon in OPCA circles, signing "VI COACTUS" regarding due process in a criminal matter is unintelligible, since it is not a contractual relationship. Enforcing the states legislative requirements regarding the granting of bail cannot be held as DURESS, it is governed entirely by statute, the obligation to these requirements is statutory. R v … Continue reading Signing “Vi Coactus”

Rodney Culleton

Even a few Australian members of parliament have fallen for OPCA theories... Anne Bressington, who was elected to the South Australian Legislative Council at the 2006 South Australian election as Nick Xenophon's running mate, was once reported to have followed One Peoples Public Trust, and was later involved with UN Swissindo, another OPCA scam. Malcolm … Continue reading Rodney Culleton

Wayne Glew

Wayne Kenneth Glew 1 has an extensive OPCA and constitutional litigation history.  In fact, the decisions made in Wayne's cases are relied upon, whenever similar contentions are brought before courts today, and in many cases they have become precedent in the particular point of law. Here is a brief summary of cases past:  Glew & … Continue reading Wayne Glew

Early OPCA Influence in Australia

Upmart (Malcolm McClure)  Ucadia  (Frank O’Collins) Love For Life (Arthur & Fiona Cristian) Peter Andrew Nolan Throughout the 2000s, OPCA concepts became increasingly cross-contaminated. Foreign concepts and legislation, such as A4V and the Uniform Commercial Code became common features in OPCA legal proceedings in the Commonwealth, sometimes alone and sometimes in combination with domestic concepts. … Continue reading Early OPCA Influence in Australia