Brian Charles Fyffe

In Fyffe v State of Victoria [1999] VSCA 196 the applicant, who was renting a property through the Ministry for Conservation, Forests and Lands, claimed to have seceded the property from the State of Victoria, and by virtue of his diplomatic status he and the land are protected by international law from any claimed sovereignty … Continue reading Brian Charles Fyffe

National Australia Bank v Walter [2004] VSC 36; 1 BFRA 509

In National Australia Bank v Walter [2004] VSC 36; 1 BFRA 509 the applicants raised a number of unorthodox arguments, including entitlement to trial by jury under Magna Carta, contended that the Constitution Act 1975 (Vic) is invalid on the ground that there is no proof that Queen Elizabeth II gave it royal assent, and … Continue reading National Australia Bank v Walter [2004] VSC 36; 1 BFRA 509

Members Equity Bank Pty Ltd v Elefterescu [2018] VSC 223

In Members Equity Bank Pty Ltd v Elefterescu [2018] VSC 223 the second defendant contended that Associate Justice Lansdowne refused the challenge to her standing, which raised the need to issue notices under s 78B of the Judiciary Act 1902 (Cth) on the basis of the effect of ‘the removal of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II … Continue reading Members Equity Bank Pty Ltd v Elefterescu [2018] VSC 223

Nick Peters

In the primary court prior to Peters v Pimm Pty Ltd [2019] QCA 306 the magistrate found that the applicant had not proved the facts to support his claim, and it was dismissed, and he then appealed to challenge the jurisdiction of the Court of Appeal.  He informed the court that he had discovered that “judges of the … Continue reading Nick Peters

Peter Scott Haughton

Peter Scott Haughton ran a series of cases in 2019-2020, here are a few of those that are published. (1) Haughton v Roder [2019] SASC 199  (2) Haughton v Chapman [2019] SASC 200  (3) Haughton v Australia And New Zealand Banking Group Ltd [2019] SASC 198 (4) Haughton v Australia and New Zealand Banking Group … Continue reading Peter Scott Haughton

James Rech

Like many other failed constitutional theorists in the past, James Rech has styled himself as a "Commonwealth Public Official" which he claims endows him with powers over the judiciary and government. His contentions are borrowed from vexatious litigants Wayne Glew and Brian Shaw, relating to "the Crown being removed from the states" due to amendments to … Continue reading James Rech

Dezi Freeman

Dezi Freeman "metaphorically" arrests a Magistrate!! There is an internet rumour being spread in facebook groups that OPCA adherent Dezi Freeman "arrested magistrate Ian Watkins" during a "civil hearing he was presiding over in the Wangaratta Magistrates Court" on Friday the 31st of May 2019. The post in a Facebook page called Alpine Regional News, (which quite ironically, … Continue reading Dezi Freeman