The Law of Nations

Emerich de Vattel; "The Law of Nations: Or, Principles of the Law of Nature Applied to the Conduct and Affairs of Nations and Sovereigns" is a legal treatise on international law published in 1758, and has been said to have modernized the entire practice of international law. Vattel’s Law of Nations was translated into English in 1760, … Continue reading The Law of Nations

Brackstone v Police [1999] SASC 35

In Brackstone v Police [1999] SASC 35 the appellant was convicted of possession of firearms whilst not holding a licence, and subsequently appealed the conviction and sentence. He argued that he was not obliged to have a licence as the firearms were held by him in the Province of Bumbunga, (an area covering about eight … Continue reading Brackstone v Police [1999] SASC 35

Brian Charles Fyffe

In Fyffe v State of Victoria [1999] VSCA 196 the applicant, who was renting a property through the Ministry for Conservation, Forests and Lands, claimed to have seceded the property from the State of Victoria, and by virtue of his diplomatic status he and the land are protected by international law from any claimed sovereignty … Continue reading Brian Charles Fyffe

Whiting v Whiting & Anor [2014] QSC 187

The plaintiff commenced proceedings in Whiting v Whiting & Anor [2014] QSC 187 describing himself as "his Royal Highness, King of the Whiting Kingdom, Baron of the Whiting Region, King Steven 1 ATF Steven James Whiting".  His claim was brought against his former wife and her lawyers, which he described as "Compensation for damages caused … Continue reading Whiting v Whiting & Anor [2014] QSC 187

Harley Robert Williamson

In Williamson v Hodgson [2010] WASC 95 1 the appellant was charged for speeding and found guilty. He had numerous grounds of appeal, starting with the premise that section 45 of the Criminal Code (WA) affords him some defence to the speeding charge, that the magistrate erred in law by refusing his request for a trial by … Continue reading Harley Robert Williamson

Ngurampaa Ltd v Balonne Shire Council [2014] QSC 146

The Balonne Shire Council levied general rates upon the property owned by Ngurampaa Limited in the amount of $3,062.80, which the applicant failed to pay, and summary judgment was awarded against the applicant and in favour of the council in a proceeding brought to recover the overdue rates. The applicant sought an order that the … Continue reading Ngurampaa Ltd v Balonne Shire Council [2014] QSC 146

DIY Sovereignty and the Popular Right in Australia

Judy Lattas; "DIY Sovereignty and the Popular Right in Australia" "The concern of this paper is with the form that ‘right wing’ anti-government protest has taken in Australia in recent years. One tactic that is proving popular amongst those who have suffered setbacks in their hold on property, or in their small business ventures, is … Continue reading DIY Sovereignty and the Popular Right in Australia

Independent Sovereign State of Australia

Cameron v Beattie [2001] QCA 392 "For reasons that will become apparent I shall refer to the appellant by his full name Donald Gordon Cameron.  He brought an action in the Supreme Court for declaratory relief, including a declaration that the latest State election was invalid.  His statement of claim was summarily dismissed by Justice … Continue reading Independent Sovereign State of Australia

Gregory John Tudehope

Cairns magistrate issues warrant for man who walked out of court case A magistrate has issued a warrant for the arrest of a ­Manoora man who stormed out of court and swore after ­arguing Queensland law did not apply to him. Gregory John Tudehope, 64, was pulled over in Manunda this month with his car … Continue reading Gregory John Tudehope

Deputy Commissioner of Taxation v Casley [2017] WASC 161

After nearly a 50 year standoff with the micronation, in Deputy Commissioner of Taxation v Casley [2017] WASC 161 1 Justice Le Miere of the Supreme Court of Western Australia ordered "Prince Leonard" Casley of the Principality of Hutt River, to pay more than A$2.7 million in unpaid taxes, and his son Arthur Casley to … Continue reading Deputy Commissioner of Taxation v Casley [2017] WASC 161